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At Resolve Network, all stages of our programs are implemented in community-led processes, increasing participants’ ability to independently engage with and shape their society. We prioritize active participation and input from Resolve beneficiaries and their communities at each stage of Resolve programs; from pre-project conflict analysis, to project development, implementation, evaluation, and evolution, we foster collaboration and equal partnership in order to build scalable and sustainable programs.


Our programs purposely grow our impact from micro to macro, comprehensively building peace from the ground up.  Resolve programs start at the individual level, empowering beneficiaries to become agents of change through training in conflict resolution, peaceful cohabitation, Nonviolent Direct Action Organizing (NVDA), and financial literacy. Beneficiaries who complete the trainings work with Resolve staff to draft business plans, and then receive a microloan to start their own small business.


At the second stage of our programs, we continue to grow our impact. Through public service projects and community-wide dialogue programs, we engage with entire communities. Resolve beneficiaries and field-staff work together to facilitate community dialogue around difficult and divisive topics, and create Community Peacebuilding Action Plans, which are funded through the microloan repayments. 100% of microloan repayments go towards Community Peacebuilding Action Plans or launching new microfinance co-ops.


At the societal level, we support large-scale peacebuilding projects to connect communities and build widespread resilience to violence. From their experiences participating in and leading dialogue sessions over the course of the first and second tiers of programming, beneficiaries are now empowered to organize Democratic Dialogue sessions. Beneficiaries work with Resolve staff to negotiate with local and state authorities, and armed groups, advocating for their vision of peace and development.

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