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Resolve determined the priorities for societal level programs through extensive dialogue within communities. From these dialogue session, three core issues emerged as being most in need of improvement: civic engagement, rural access to security, and rural access to healthcare. 

Civic Engagement 


The first two tiers of Resolve programming teach participants how to lead democratic dialogues sessions, and brings the larger community into dialogue together over important issues and unmet needs within their society. In the Tier 3, Resolve facilitates dialogue between communities and local and state authorities. Strengthened by their increased social cohesion, communities use their collective power to influence the state to work towards the solutions desired by those at the ground level.

Security: Crisis Mapping 

Resolve's Crisis Mapping project uses a text-messaged based information platform to build a detailed database visually documenting trends in regional violence. Resolve distributes cell phones throughout Eastern Congo, allowing for people even in the most remote villages to report instances of violence. Militia attacks that once took months to come to light can now be made widely known virtually instantaneously. As we expand our crisis mapping program and continue analyze trends in violence, we intend to develop an Early Warning System based off of the same cellular platform. This Early Warning System will predict where violence is most likely to occur, providing the time to prevent militia attacks.


Looking to the Future: Community Health 

The most prevalent health issues facing rural communities in Eastern Congo are largely preventable or treatable, but remain serious health risks due to lack of access to adequate medical care. Travel to properly staffed and stocked clinics and hospitals often involves passing through dangerous territory; as a result, medical care and follow-up treatment are often out of reach for rural villagers. 

Using the same cell phone network of our Crisis Mapping program, our program will connect remote villages to urban health care providers. The essential health issues Resolve’s Community Health Worker Program will address are prenatal health, preventable diseases, and infant care. Resolve will work to coordinate training new health workers, not only in health services, but also in Resolve’s cornerstone trainings of peaceful cohabitation and advocacy.

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